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Sugar cubes

Did you know that sugar is the only farm program where the U.S. government imposes controls on how much of the product can legally be sold?


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The U.S. chocolate and candy industry strongly supports market access for confectionery exports.


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State Government Affairs

The NCA state affairs program tracks and monitors legislation in all 50 states that impacts confectionery manufacturing and sales. This information is shared on a monthly basis with the NCA State Affairs Committee. NCA engages in state lobbying and grassroots outreach as determined by the committee.

Candy PAC

CandyPAC is the confectionery industry’s political action committee, funded by personal money that individuals contribute to NCA. Supporting CandyPAC is a direct and tangible method to ensure your voice is heard.

Policy News

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House Fails To Address Outdated Sugar Program, Focus Moves To Senate

18 May 2018 - Washington — Disappointing small business owners looking for alleviation from artificially inflated sugar prices, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to address the sugar program during yesterday’s farm bill amendment process. While the House neglected  to help small businesses and manufacturers, sugar reform supporters ...

Candy & Snack Today | Industry | Policy

Editorial Boards Nationwide Are Pouring In Support For Sugar Reform

17 May 2018 - Tampa — Editorial boards from across the country are showing support for the sugar policy modernization movement with strongly worded editorials questioning the program. The Tampa Bay Times noted the policy “pummels consumers and taxpayers in three ways: We subsidize growers, pay higher food prices ...

Candy & Snack Today | Industry | Policy

Sugar Reform Receiving More Focus As Farm Bill Comes To House

16 May 2018 - Washington — The industry is closely following news from the U.S. House of Representatives this week as the chamber prepares to decide what amendments will be voted on for inclusion in the farm bill. One proposed modification to the legislation that is receiving strong industry ...

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