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NCA is committed to advancing, promoting and protecting the confectionery industry. Through advocacy and communications, industry insights, and retailer and supply chain engagement, we are strengthening public understanding and appreciation of candy’s unique role in a happy, balanced lifestyle. Click below to explore our four membership categories and the benefits of each.

NCA members gain exclusive access to data and insights that are meant to help them succeed within the confectionery industry. Chewy, gum, mint and chocolate companies are encouraged to utilize NCA’s Sweet Insights to help further their business. Below are a few samples of the valuable data and insights NCA provides its members.

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Who can become a member of NCA?

  • Confectionery Manufacturers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of confectionery products
  • Confectionery Suppliers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the business of supplying goods or services (equipment, ingredients, services, supplies) to confectionery manufacturers
  • Confectionery Brokers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the business of selling confectionery products to the retail and wholesale trade on behalf of confectionery manufacturers