Who can become a member of NCA and what are the benefits to joining?

  • Confectionery Manufacturers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of confectionery products
  • Confectionery Suppliers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the business of supplying goods or services (equipment, ingredients, services, supplies) to confectionery manufacturers
  • Confectionery Brokers: Any firm or corporation engaged in the business of selling confectionery products to the retail and wholesale trade on behalf of confectionery manufacturers

How does my company join?

View highlights of the member benefits associated with each member category and to download the application for membership. Email membership@CandyUSA.com or call (202) 534-1440 with questions.

How much are the dues?

Membership dues are based on your company’s annual sales to the confectionery industry. Each membership category has its own dues structure. To view the dues structure, please download your category application from the list below:

How can I view member data on your website?

Your company must be a member of NCA to view member data on our website. Member individuals who wish to access these pages must also be logged in via the homepage.

Where can I find a current list of NCA Members?

View the list of NCA’s current members, organized by member category.  

Where can I find a list of NCA Staff?

The NCA staff directory is available should you have any questions. Visit our staff page for additional information.

What is NCA’s location and main contact information?

National Confectioners Association
1101 30th Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 534-1440
Fax: (202) 337-0637
Email: info@CandyUSA.com
Website: www.CandyUSA.com

Visiting our office? You’ll find your directions here.

Does NCA offer any educational programs or seminars?

NCA offers a variety of educational programs and workshops to further your knowledge of the confectionery industry. Visit our upcoming events page to learn more about the educational programs NCA offers.

When are NCA’s annual conferences and events?

NCA has three signature events each year – the State of the Industry Conference, the Sweets & Snacks Expo and Washington Forum. Members receive discounted rates to attend or exhibit at our events. Visit our events page to see when the next one will take place.